CBSUA attends the DA Farmers and Fisheries Clustering and Consolidation (F2C2): A Strategy for Sustained Rural Development Island-wide Summit at Queen Margarette Hotel, Lucena City.

The University President is represented by Dr. Philip N. Talay, Director, Resilience Center and member of the BRIDGE Bicol core group. The clustering and consolidation of Farmers and Fisheries is a way to reduce the cost of agricultural inputs capitalizing on economies of scale, thereby producing more affordable agri products for the Nation. The summit is attended by Cooperatives, LGU Officials, DA Officials, and SUCs from Region 4A, 4B, and 5.

The 5 day event will run til Friday June 24, 2022. Various opportunities are available for our farmer community thru the F2C2 program. Dr. Talay promotes agriculture education and disaster risk management during the event, as crucial knowledge and skills needed by young farmers of the region. You can check F2C2 program thru the DA website.


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