The Institutional Planning and Development Office, together with the personnel of the university, geared up for the fiscal year 2023 through the recently concluded Target-Setting and Operational Planning (TOP) with the theme, “Sustaining Innovation and Co-creation Beyond Now Normal,” on September 22-24, 2022 held at Victoria Bay Resort, Oas Albay.

The said event aims to create a strategic plan for the university’s budget so that it can acquire 80% and above realistic budget allocation from the government. It comprised workshops and presentations from the different clusters, colleges, and campuses. Each member of the delegation gave constructive criticisms and honest observations. Inputs from the mentoring from the directors, CAs, and VPs on the plans of each team, were observed. The university’s tagline, ‘One System, One University, ONE CBSUA,’ was emphasized during the planning and presentation of outputs.

There were also cultural presentations from each team composed of personnel from different campuses and offices. Each unit and office from all four campuses are expected to accomplish the forms and templates provided during the planning to consolidate the data by the end of September.


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