To achieve the common objective of providing resilient and sustainable technologies for the benefit of the stakeholders, CBSUA, Kyung Hee University- Quality Standardization Based Botanical Drug Development Center (QBDC), and Snowwhitefactory Co. Ltd. (SWF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on November 30, 2022, at Kyung Hee University, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

CBSUA delegates followed a purposeful itinerary at the university. The delegates’ activity on the first day included a university tour and a visit to the Snowwhitefactory Co. Ltd. Laboratory. Dr. Jeehaeng Jung, CEO of SWF, together with Mr. Arce Bellere, a CBSUA faculty, and scholar of Kyung Hee University, toured the delegates in the place. On the second day of the visit, the team held a round table discussion with Dr. Tae-hoo Yi, professor of the College of Life Sciences specializing in Oriental Medicinal Biotechnology and Director of (QBDC). It was a great honor for the CBSUA delegates to be treated with great hospitality, as Dr. Tae-hoo Yi is the busiest person in the laboratory. The discussion provided substantial inputs contributing to the realization of the close collaboration between the parties. Finally, the delegates dropped by the university again on the third day.

This new partnership between CBSUA and SWF & QBDC opened opportunities for development on matters relative to the conduct of research and extension services and implementation of educational projects, programs, and activities. This breakthrough is another proof that CBSUA continuously works its way in realizing its vision of an agricultural university of global standards.

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