On August 16, 2022, CBSUA President Dr. Alberto Naperi signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the project titled “Kaakbay sa Pagtalubo: Teacher’s Development Program in line with DepEd’s Basic Education-Learning Continuity Plan and Learning Recovery Plan,” with the Department of Education SDO Naga represented by Dr. Manny De Guzman, CESO VI, the Schools Division Superintendent.

The said partnership was made possible mainly through Dr. Raquel Reapor, Dean of the College of Development Education of CBSUA, and Dr. Jerome Baldemoro, the Senior Education Program Specialist of DepEd Naga.Β  The collaboration was originally between the College of Development Education of CBSUA and DepEd Naga only. However, Dean Reapor saw the opportunity to include the development of agricultural technologies, which will fall under the leadership of Dr. Marilyn Balderas, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources; and the creation of more innovations in the environmental aspects, which will be under the supervision of Prof. Jennifer Francisco, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. The Memorandum of Agreement aims to strengthen the partnership of the two government entities in terms of instruction under VPAA Ana E. MiraΓ±a, research and extension under VPRI Ramona Isabel Ramirez, and internationalization under VPBEA Cesar Armando Camba.

President Naperi highlighted in his speech that CBSUA’s main priority is to strengthen its bond with agencies like the Department of Education in the hope of ‘future-proofing’ the education sector. He emphasized the importance of four Cs in administration: collaboration, coordination, cooperation, and complementation. He stated that CBSUA’s central vision is to produce qualified graduates and deliver ‘quality education for all.’

SDS Manny De Guzman said in his acceptance speech that he is “very happy” with the collaboration. According to him, since CBSUA and DepEd Naga are practically targeting the same objective — to continuously fight for the improvement of education, he said that through this MOA, he looks forward to developing more and better strategies to capacitate teachers as ‘teachers in reading‘ and as ‘teachers in numeracy.’

Like how President Naperi quoted Mother Teresa in his message, both parties believe that “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

The said event was held at the SDO Naga Conference Hall at 9 o’clock in the morning.

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