The inception activity aims to usher the Faculty of the Graduate School of International Development of Nagoya University with the realities and current scenarios in Camarines Sur regarding education, governance, and economics. This is in connection with the Overseas Fieldwork programme where the University will send delegates to the research site, in this case, Camarines Sur, to study the aforementioned themes.

On behalf of Dr. Alberto Naperi, the University President, Atty. Dominador Faurillo, the VP for Admin and Finance, delivered his opening address. He stressed the essence of the programme as he recalled that there are a lot of existing issues in the community; some are not given attention but need immediate action.

Dr. Evelie P. Serano, the Director of the Institute for Governance and Rural Development of UPLB, presented the visitors from Nagoya University. The visiting professors were Dr. Higashimura Takeshi, Dr. Francis Peddie, and Dr. Shigesato Suzuki. Dr. Ana E. MiraƱa, the VP for Academic Affairs followed this with the statement of purpose and itinerary of the inception activities.

The last portion of the afternoon’s activities was the presentations and talks. Dr. Serano introduced the body to the OFW Programme, mainly focusing on the history of the partnership between Nagoya University and UPLB. This presentation was further expounded with a detailed presentation from Dr. Peddie.

Faculty members and Deans of the colleges discussed the Development Issues and Challenges in Camarines Sur, being the research site of the programme. Prof. Kennedy Beltran, SEP of CDE, discussed the education aspect; Prof. Jeniffer Francisco, Dean of CAS, discussed the governance theme; and Dr. Gladys Rosales, Dean of CEM, discussed the economics theme. The talks provided valuable input for the professors from Nagoya, giving them an overview and initial impression of the research site.

Lastly, Prof. Peddie expressed his gratitude to UPLB and the CBSUA community for accommodating them and looked forward to working with them at the onset of the OFW programme on September 2023.


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