To communicate, experience, and learn from the Japanese latest technology, research updates, and innovation trends in Agritech and Foodtech ecosystem, the VP for Research and Innovations, Dr. Ramona Isabel Ramirez; together with Mr. Allan Del Rosario, Director of Taro Center; and Mrs. Ma. Helen S. Sarabillo, Director of Complementary Food Processing Facility participated in the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference and Agri Food Tech Tour in Tokyo, Japan on March 1-5, 2023.

On March 1, 2023, the first day of the tour, the team went to the University of Tsukuba. Prof. Keiko Yamaji, the Agri Tech Grand Prix 2022 winner discussed her research titled “Mine Revegetation with Functional Microorganism Capsules”. Dr. Ramona Isabel S. Ramirez, presented the best practices in terms of their research and extension activities through a video presentation. After which, the group visited the facility/laboratory of Dr. Yamaji. The second presenter to discuss to the group was Prof. Daisuke Hagiwara, a Food-tech Grand Prix 2022 Winner with his research title, “Meat Alternatives using Koji Bacteria Will Save the Planet”. The first day tour finished with a visit to Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS) and Hamano Products.

The team visited more sites on the second day namely: ARK, Inc., Euglena Co., Ltd., Plantx Corporation, and Center of Garage, an incubation place run by GLOCOLINK Inc.,

Days 3-5 of the tour was the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference. This was attended by several researchers, owners/founders of large companies, manufacturers, and startups to create solutions to solve social issues. Dr. Ramirez, Dr. Del Rosario, and Ms. Sarabillo joined the poster presentation.

With the conduct of the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference and AgriFood Tech Tour in Tokyo, Japan, the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture, specifically the Office of Research and Innovation Cluster, has been exposed to the research practices and advanced Technology of Japan. These will help guide the institution to enhance the system of research and advance technology, strategies, and establish linkage/partnership and collaboration with other SUCs, Japanese researchers, and industry players in agriculture and food.


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