With the aim to contribute to the advancement of learning, establish an academic and research exchange collaboration and agreement, as well as promote mutual understanding with Hiroshima University, Japan, and CBSUA, Philippines, the OVPBEA-UIRO and OVPAA spearheaded the Academic Collaboration with Hiroshima University on March 6-7, 2023.

Prof. Takuya Matsuura an Associate Professor at Hiroshima University -Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences and Prof. Nishiburi Mashahide a Professor at Hiroshima University -Graduate School for Integrated Sciences for Life were welcomed and introduced to the CBSUA Community during the Welcome Program and MOA Signing on March 6, 2023 at the Alvaro Rabina Hall. They also toured the Organic Agriculture Center and the Technology Commercialization and Agri-preneurial Division.

On March 7, they will have lectures on Science Education and Animal Breeding at the College of Development Education (CDE), Graduate School, and College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR). It will be live-streamed at the CBSUA Extension Services Division Facebook Page. They also plan to observe classes and visit laboratories as well as explore possible academic and research collaboration through a business meeting. The event will close at the Regional Apiculture Center, during the tour and send off.

This activity is an off-shoot of the International and Intercultural Exploration for Academic and Research Collaboration of the CBSUA Community last July 2022. It was made possible through the efforts of the working committee under the OVPBEA-UIRO and ISLPO, OVPAA, CANR- Animal Science Department, Graduate School, CDE, Regional Apiculture Center, Organic Agriculture Center, and the Technology Commercialization, Agri-preneurial Division, and Public Information Office. | Report from Julie Amara Mostoles-Bondilles

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