The Central Bicol State University of Agriculture recently marked a significant milestone by achieving the PRIME-HRM Level II Accreditation, and to commemorate this accomplishment, the Human Resource Management and Development Office organized a celebration on July 7, 2023, held at the CBSUA Student Atrium.

The event brought together key officials, teaching and non-teaching personnel, and staff from all four campuses of the university. The festivities commenced with a eucharistic celebration led by Rev. Fr. Erwin Obias, followed by a program that recognized the participants of the on-site assessment, Committee Members of the Four Pillars of PRIME-HRM, and HRMD Personnel with certificates and tokens of appreciation.

Dr. Alberto Naperi, the University President, expressed his enthusiasm during his speech, emphasizing that this achievement is just the beginning. He urged everyone at the university to remain dedicated and strive for Level III compliance by the end of the year.

The PRIME-HRM Level II Accreditation demonstrates CBSUA’s commitment to maintaining an exceptional human resource management system. This recognition not only showcases the university’s pursuit of excellence but also signifies its ongoing efforts to improve HR practices.

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