On August 31, 2023, at the Villa Caceres Hotel in Naga City, the College of Development Education (CDE) organized an event titled “CDE Elevates” spearheaded by the college’s Dean, Dr. Melinda Pan, along with Dr. Kennedy Beltran and Prof. Mary Grace Polvoriza, who head the Elementary and Secondary Education Programs respectively.

The main objective was to blend essential aspects like Mental Health, Gender and Development, and modern and fun teaching techniques into the CDE syllabi and Daily Learning Logs.

The event featured speakers who were experts in these areas. Dr. Christopher Dacer talked about improving reading teaching skills, Prof. Leizle Manacob discussed integrating mental health activities into the classroom, and Prof. Glenn Redecilla explained the importance of including Gender and Development in the syllabi. Additionally, Prof. Mary Grace Polvoriza shared insights from the exit interviews and surveys conducted among college graduates, offering valuable input to enhance teaching strategies.

In the afternoon, a workshop allowed faculty members to present their updated syllabi. This event marked a significant step forward for the College of Development Education, highlighting its commitment to holistic education and the well-being of its students and faculty.


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