An expert consultant from Catalyste+ Canada, Mr. John Coo, visits the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture as the start of their collaboration for mentorship program.

Catalyste+ Canada is an economic development organization whose mission is to strengthen knowledge and accelerate solutions for inclusive economic growth.

By bringing on board an expert consultant, the university aims to create a workshop for its faculty researchers, enabling them with the necessary skills to craft compelling grant proposals, significantly increasing their chances of securing funding. Furthermore, the workshops will promote interdisciplinary collaboration, fostering networking and collaborative projects that are more likely to attract funding.

The alliance, headed by CBSUA President Dr. Alberto Naperi and VP for Research and Innovation, Dr. Ramona Isabel Ramirez, represents a pivotal step in aligning the university’s research efforts with community development goals, while also advancing its mission to be an agricultural research university of global standard.

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