In connection with the celebration of Earth Day, the College of Arts and Sciences of CBSUA, in partnership with Universitas Pembangunan Nasional ‘Veteran’ Yogyakarta (UPNVY), Indonesia, spearheaded an International Webinar on Green Environment with the theme, “Investing in our Planet: An Earth Day Celebration”, conducted face-to-face and via the Zoom platform on April 25, 2022.

The President of CBSUA, Dr. Alberto N. Naperi welcomed all the participants in his opening speech. He commended the persons behind the conduct of the webinar, especially the Dean of CAS, Ms. Jeniffer Francisco. He then reiterated the importance of taking part in actions for a green environment.

The webinar proper commenced with the talk on Biomass Energy: A Green Energy Source by Dr. Mohammad Nurcholis, Clay Mineralogist and Professor in the Study Program of Soil Science in UPNVY. He discussed why Biomass Energy is a sustainable energy source that does not produce environmental pollutants, unlike other energy sources. The second resource person is Dr. Emerson Bergonio, Director of the CBSUA Neo Normal Agventure Center, with his talk on Indigenous Trees. He discussed the different species of trees, particularly in the Philippines, and the need to invest efforts in them.

Mr. Nasser Posada, EnP, BSES Faculty of CBSUA, served as a moderator in the open forum. On-site participants, as well as those attending online asked questions that speakers answered with informative responses. Furthermore, impressions on the webinar were given by two BSES students from CBSUA.

Lastly, Dr. Jeniffer Francisco, the Dean of CAS delivered her word of thanks. She encouraged everyone to take part in promoting a Green Environment for all.


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