Academic Cluster plans toward digital transformation

Academic Affairs Cluster headed by VP, Dr. Ana E. Miraña conducted 2nd quarter meeting to monitor and lay programs, projects and activities at the Ciriaco N. Divinagracia Hall on 12 April 2021.

Campus Administrators and Deans joined the meeting to confer their plans relative to the Face-to-Face Classes Re-Entry Action Plan, Academic Affairs &and Policy Summit 2021, and Curricular Development and Innovations.

The Academic Affairs agenda are supported by the Institutional Development and Innovation Grant (IDIG) geared towards Education 4.0—to address the needs of the time that is to provide a more flexible and accessible academic programs and learning courses to the students.

Along with the preparation for the transition of classes, the future plans of the AA Cluster have also been the fulcrum of the meeting, planning the direction of the Academic Cluster with the goal of enabling transformative and inclusive learning experiences. Different drivers of change such as the CBSUA’s Mandate & VMGO will lead towards the preferred future, that is the digital transformation of the University into a Virtual Learning Environment (Virtual University / Open University), and for best case scenario, into University 4.0 (Ecological/Sustainable University).

What Academic Cluster needs to prepare if face-to-face classes will be allowed in the near future shall include the Faculty Workload, Faculty and Students Reporting, Student Activities, and the Safety Provisions and Protocols. All protocols from different units/offices will be consolidated and included in the policy that will be used when classes transitions to face-to-face modality.

Director of the Curriculum Reform and Development, Prof. Vergel Miraña, discussed, among other things, the Face-to-Face Classes Re-Entry Action Plan and the Academic Affairs and Policy Summit 2021.

The said Policy Summit for year 2021 is expected to produce a blueprint of the cluster for the next five or ten years. Policy Summit is a series of Workshop and Conference that will be the path of CBSUA’s Recovery Curriculum, a foresight on the new education beyond COVID-19.

with report from Valerie B. Esplana (VPAA Staff)

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