For CBSUA stakeholders to be updated with the latest information on the outlook and status of feed and animal industry in the country and to share the latest developments on animal nutrition, feed formulation, and raw materials quality control, the College of Agriculture, and Natural Resources held a training ON FUNDAMENTALS OF ANIMAL NUTRITION, FEED FORMULATION hosted by the US Soybean Export Council (USSEC) on November 21-22, 2022 at the CBSUA Social Hall.

The training was opened by Dr. Celerino B. Llesol, Jr. who welcomed all the attendees which was followed by a short message from the University President, Dr. Alberto N. Naperi.

Speakers of the training included Dr. Benito A. Oliveros who gave a short introduction about USSEC Philippines, Feed & Animal Industry Status & Outlook, Quality Control Parameters for Raw Materials & Feeds, and Utilization of Some Alternative Local Ingredients for Swine & Poultry; Mr. Jerico Rod S. Calibo, who discussed about the Important Role of Nutritionists & Feed Formulators in Feed Production; Dr. Sarah C. Pahm, who conveyed relevant information on Basic Animal Nutrition of Swine: Nutrient Requirements & Recommendations for all classes of Swine; Dr. Marie Josephine Milagros B. Cruz, who discussed about Basic Animal Nutrition of Poultry: Nutrient Requirements & Recommendations for all classes of Poultry and Practical Feeding of Poultry; Ms. Amelita Gabriela R. Resontoc-Galban, who talked about Soybean Meal: Nutrition, Quality & Performance in Swine and Poultry and Practical Feeding of Swine; Dr. Eugene Mende, who comprehensively gave the Updates on ASF and AI in the Philippines and Biosecurity and Sanitation Programs to Mitigate the Disease Challenges in the Farm; and Mr. Eric Cruz who lead the Demonstration and Exercises: Feed Formulation Using a Software.

Attendees which include CBSUA students and faculty and local farmers were indeed equipped with the necessary knowledge they will be needing for the improvement of their animal nutrition and feed formulation practices.

To cap off the training sessions, Dr. Marilyn B. Balderas, Dean of CANR, delivered her final message expressing her gratitude to the attendees and the whole USSEC team.

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