Calabanga Campus on the move, delivers service to the people

CBSUA Calabanga Campus- College of Arts and Sciences and the Neo AGVenture Extension Program extend service to those affected by typhoons and to the Electric Cooperative Personnel on November 2020.

While recent typhoons affected much the province, CBSUA-CAS provided snacks to the Camarines Sur Electric Cooperative (CASURECO) personnel while they were repairing the lines in the streets of Calabanga.

Neo AgVenture Extension Group likewise collected donations with a total of P20,000.00 from various sponsors preparing relief goods for those affected most by the calamities.

The activity involved youth and faculty volunteers from the university. The group distributed a total of 100 relief goods to selected families who were heavily affected by the consecutive typhoons. This advocacy was the project component of Neo Normal AgVenture to assist the needs of the community.

Neo Agventure Extension Group first aim was to help the farmers and fisherfolks reach their customers through programs and partnerships with individual and agencies and advertisements in social media. It extended into more effective and helpful ways because of the present pressing times.

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