Liana Rose Benitez and Oscar Esteban Jr., delegates of The College of Artisans Bulletin, CBSUA-Sipocot, brought home the bacon in the recently concluded Campus Journalism Convention 2023– a 3-day national level event hosted by Transforming Advocates and Champions, Inc. (TRAC) on April 28-30, 2023 via Zoom Meeting Conference. Ms. Benitez won the 2nd Runner-up for News Writing English, and Mr. Esteban won the 1st Runner-up for Sports Writing English.

The convention’s first day was composed of plenary sessions and insightful talks regarding journalism by the media giants, namely: Atty. Chel Dioknoโ€”a Filipino lawyer; Ms. Kara David โ€“ a Filipino journalist; and Prof. Abner Mercado- a Filipino Journalist and Documentarist.

The second day of the program was the student competition proper. The events include Editorial Writing, News Writing, Feature Writing, Sports Writing, Editorial Cartooning, Photojournalism, and Campus Journalism Vlogs.

The 3rd day, April 30, 2023, included an Interactive Discussion among selected Editors-in-Chief from the different HEIs. They discussed the importance of Campus Journalism in promoting a just and humane society, followed by the Creation of a Manifesto and the announcement and awarding of winners.

Delegates from various universities and colleges in the Philippines attended the first-ever TRAC Campus Journalism Convention 2023. Finally, it was announced that the CJC 2024 will be conducted face-to-face, and the venue is yet to be finalized.

Their dedication and journalistic flair have truly shone through embodying the event’s theme– Forging a Just and Humane Society through Campus Journalism.

The coaches were Prof. Apple Jane B. Tagum and Mr. Archie A. Perpetua. | ๐˜™๐˜ฆ๐˜ฑ๐˜ฐ๐˜ณ๐˜ต ๐˜ข๐˜ฏ๐˜ฅ ๐˜ฑ๐˜ฉ๐˜ฐ๐˜ต๐˜ฐ๐˜ด ๐˜ง๐˜ณ๐˜ฐ๐˜ฎ ๐˜”๐˜ด. ๐˜ˆ๐˜ฑ๐˜ฑ๐˜ญ๐˜ฆ ๐˜‘๐˜ฆ๐˜ข๐˜ฏ ๐˜›๐˜ข๐˜จ๐˜ถ๐˜ฎ, ๐˜—๐˜๐˜–-๐˜š๐˜ช๐˜ฑ๐˜ฐ๐˜ค๐˜ฐ๐˜ต ๐˜Š๐˜ข๐˜ฎ๐˜ฑ๐˜ถ๐˜ด


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