ACRIJ Volume 2 No.1: Going global E_ISSN: 2799-1733

The Central Bicol State University of Agriculture is so blessed in its quest to be a National Research University by improving the research capabilities of its faculty staff and students, coupled with the upgrading of its physical resources for research. The various support provided for research and innovation undertakings from both national and international funding agencies paved the way to develop highly and globally competitive researches generated benefiting its stakeholders. As such, the ACRIJ continues to share those knowledges with the research community. Moreover, with the university’s internationalization efforts, global research partners were encouraged to share their researches through this journal.
For this issue, ACRIJ has been given a chance to feature research outputs from Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Egypt, and the Philippines. Fitting into its theme, “Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection,” seven (7) papers were chosen. They focus mainly on pest control of spiralling whitefly, vetiver for slope protection, the anticancer activity of Royal jelly from Apis mellifera, nanoparticles for production of Kochia indica, management of Morinda officinalis, land acquisition and utilization, and a case study on the capacity strengthening of rural women. We are very thankful to the authors who entrusted their papers with ACRIJ.
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