AGRIKULTURA: CBSUA Research and Innovation Journal (ACRIJ) has successfully published its Volume 2, No. 2 issue with eleven (11) articles from Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Solomon Islands and the Philippines.

The issue focuses on Sustainable Agriculture during the COVID-19 pandemic. Published articles include: Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on food productivity and security in the Philippines; Marketing organic vegetables in Indonesia; Internal parasites of rabbits; New disease on oil palm in the Philippines and Nigeria; Integrated rice-duck farming technology and small-scale aquaculture in the Philippines and India; T. biroi propolis in selected SEA countries; Rice-based chips and good manufacturing practices for smoked fish in the Philippines; and Farm machinery adoption and livelihood options for conservation in Bangladesh and Solomon Islands.

ACRIJ was very grateful for the continuous support of our University President, Dr. Alberto N. Naperi; Vice-President for Research and Innovation, Dr. Ramona Isabel S. Ramirez; Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Maria Dulce J. Mostoles; and Journal Reviewer/Consultant, Dr. Ravindra Chandra Joshi.  This endeavor of ACRIJ will continue to share knowledge through the research community.

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