AACCUP probes CBSUA system in its First Institutional Accreditation

Central Bicol State University of Agriculture officially welcomes the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) Accrediting team during its first Institutional Accreditation: Online Visit on 21-25 February composed of Dr. Anthony M. Penaso, Caraga State University President, Dr. Anita C. Sornito, University of Southern Mindanao Librarian, Dr. Maria Glenda O. De Lara, Philippine Normal University Graduate School Professor, Mr. Dominic T. Martinez, Information Technology Officer III for AACCUP Inc., and headed by Dr. Milabel E. Ho, AACCUP Executive Director.
The program started with the prayer led by the University Chaplain, Fr. Rolando Canonce followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and the CBSUA Hymn.
The university President, Dr. Alberto N. Naperi, introduces CBSUA as a QS 4 Stars, SUC Level 4, ISO One System certified world-class Agricultural Research University, and he synthesizes through an audio-visual presentation the nine (9) areas to be accredited. Governance and Management (Area 1), Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation (Area 2), Faculty and Staff (Area 3), Research (Area 4), Extension, Consultancy and Linkages (Area 5), Support to Students (Area 6), Library (Area 7), Infrastructure and other Learning Resources (Area, and Quality Assurance Culture (Area 9). Area 1 shares the university profile, organizational structures and functions of each unit. It describes the various operational processes, engagements, and accomplishments and recognitions attained by CBSUA.
The Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation Area (Area 2) explains the different curricular programs of the different colleges established by a well-defined system and features the commendable teaching and learning practices that yield high-rate graduates, board exam passers, and employability in the community.
Area 3 through the excellent human resources that brings the university to where it is today provides the different professional development activities, training and assistance of the faculty and staff. It lists all the policies that ensure the welfare and boosts the lifelong upskilling of the faculty and staff of the university.
Research Area (Area4) proves the fulfillment of CBSUA’s aim to become an agricultural research university and presents extensive research that is based on sustainable goals and presents technologies and solutions for community development and enhancement. Research on Education, Arts and other Sciences, have increased which encourages more faculty to conduct research. This trend paved way for more funding and more recognition for the faculty-researches.
Partnerships to various institutions and organizations are shared under Area 5 for the implementation of Extensions activities and services, disseminate research-based innovations and technologies to the communities. Impacts and outcomes are shown through the projects that are implemented by the university alongside its partners.
With the university’s commitment to providing dependable, relevant and efficient student services that promote quality education, welfare, and development, CBSUA under Support to Student Area presents the different programs delivered and implemented that meet the needs of the students.
Dr. Naperi also tours the accrediting team on the excellent services and culture that safeguards long-term viability with the library stakeholders, partners and community. The library area showcases the enhanced printed and online resources and assistance that aids students, faculty, stakeholders, clients and researchers.
Area 8 reviews all infrastructures and facilities of the university. It surveys the plans, standards, construction and availability of the infrastructures, facilities and other learning resources to the university clients, stakeholders and the community.
The Quality Assurance Culture showcases an efficient system to ensure effective, quality services of the different programs of the university. This area probes the subjected curricular programs to several accrediting and auditing bodies that recognize locally and internationally the university’s standards and noteworthy best practices.
Dr. Naperi together along with the university vice-presidents namely Atty. Dominador F. Faurillo, VP Administration and Finance, Dr. Ramona Isabel S. Ramirez, VP for Research and Innovation, Dr. Ana E. Mirana, VP for Academic Affairs, Prof. Cesar Armando S. Camba, VP for Business and External Affairs, and Dr. Celerino B. Llesol Jr., Pili Campus Administrator strongly commits to sustaining these positive impacts and contribution to building sustainable communities and expresses his excitement and gratitude to the hardworking members of the IA Taskforce, faculty and staff that made the event possible.
After several days of interviews, document analysis and interpolation, the accreditation culminates in a high note. The IA closing program was held on February 24, 4pm at the Ecotel.
Karen Barce, one of the members of the IA Taskforce, contributed this article.
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