The College of Development Education’s (CDE) second to the last endeavors for 2021 was the 3rd WE CARE: Welfare Enhancement to Create A Respect-filled Environment, A Forum on Work and Life Balance for Teachers and Staff of CBSUA and partner university, Camarines Norte State College (CNSC) held 13 December 2021.
University of the Philippines Los Baños’ College of Public Affars and Development (CPAF) Professors, Dr. Evelie P. Serrano and Dr. Monica H. Walet served as resource speakers for Digital Detoxification: Healing from Cyber Addiction, and Work-Life Balance and Self-Care Practices, respectively.
Timely and relevant discussion emerged with the participation of the faculty and staff allowing members of the university to express themselves in the meeting with Dr. Serrano. The session on self-care with Dr. Walet taught some practices to sustain energy at work and give oneself “me-time” after a long day.
The program WE CARE began in 2018 thru CDE Faculty, Ms. Karen B. Perez serving as forum for GAD-related concerns and laws and extends to relevant personnel issues. It is in its 4th year with co-proponents, Mr. Kennedy A. Beltran and Ms. Leizle B. Manacob.
Report from Ms. Karen Perez
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