Knowledge Management Center

The Knowledge Management Center of CBSUA primary aims to provide collection, consolidation, collation, storage, and analysis of data and information from ongoing and completed faculty researches of the University. KMC focuses on the four main processes of Knowledge Management, namely: knowledge creation and capture, knowledge sharing and enrichment, knowledge storage and retrieval, and knowledge dissemination. Knowledge creation and capture involve the continuous transfer, combination, and conversion of tacit and explicit knowledge through research and development programs. This pertains to the involvement of the faculty and students to create relevant data, information, and processes to be shared with the community. The knowledge sharing and enrichment can be done through the involvement of experts in different fields of interest in creating a collaborative community to enhance the research capability and capacity of CBSUA faculty and students. In knowledge storage and retrieval, the KMC maintains and monitors the databases that store ongoing and completed researches of the University faculty and students to make it readily available for the retrieval of data and information for future researchers. Lastly, knowledge dissemination involves the process of disseminating data and information gathered from the ongoing and completed researches of CBSUA faculty and students. It includes the dissemination of IEC materials, newsletters, journals, and other scholarly works under research and extension.