Institutional Planning and Development Office

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General Functions. The general function of this Office is to provide overall leadership
and management of planning and development activities;

Specific Duties and Responsibilities. The specific duties and responsibilities of the Planning and Resource Generation and Linkages Office shall be as follows:

  1. Prepare development plans at a macro-level in accordance with the mandate of the University and other pertinent laws, and in consonance with national and regional priorities;
  2. Coordinate with other offices in  connection with the preparation and implementation of the development plan;
  3. Review and synthesize micro development plan and strategies of the different Divisions/Units;
  4. Implement an effective management information system (MIS) of the University that shall continuously monitor the needed data and information to top level management and other appropriate offices from within and without, when needed, as the case may be;
  5. Conduct regular monitoring and evaluation of the corporate plan implementation.
  6. Coordinate with the different Divisions/Units regarding the formulation and packaging of programs/projects, and linkage development;
  7. Recommend personnel for training and other similar staff development program;
  8. Report and submit corresponding reports/data to the President to maintain smooth operation of the University; and
  9. Perform other duties and functions as may be required.

FUNCTIONAL UNIT Management Information System

  1. Assist in the management of eDMIS server and periodic back-up of CBSUA student database for safekeeping;
  2. Extend technical assistance to offices in configuration, repair and maintenance of office computers connected to SIAS system;
  3. Maintain the SIAS services to students, client and AMS-Biometric in full operations;
  4. Provide technical support to eDMIS user in regular data set-up, including direct data encoding in the SIAS system;
  5. Propose and implement automation projects that will strengthen MIS adoption in enhancement of online services;
  6. Execute other functions designated by the University President.



Director, Institutional Planning and Development
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