Duties and Responsibilities:

a. Spearhead the preparation of the development plan of the
University at a macro-level in accordance with the mission
of the University within the general provisions of its
charter and other pertinent laws, and in accordance with
national and regional priorities;
b. Develop, review and synthesize micro strategies of the
different divisions/units toward the overall University
c. Coordinate with all the divisions/units in connection with
the preparation and implementation of the development
d. Establish and manage a Management Information System
(MIS) that shall continuously monitor the needed data and
information to top level management and other
appropriate offices, from within and when needed, as the
case maybe;
e. Conduct periodic evaluation of the institutional
development plans;
f. Report and submit corresponding reports/data to the
University President to maintain smooth operation of the
g. Promote harmonious relationship with institutional
planning and development officers/coordinators in other
campuses; and
h. Perform other duties and functions as delegated by the
University President.