Duties and Responsibilities:

a. Promote and educate faculty members, non-teaching
personnel and public to build awareness on intellectual
property rights, protection, and technology
b. Facilitate the drafting, filling and acquisition of patents,
copyrights, trademarks, utility models, industrial design
and other intellectual properties covered by the CBSUA
Intellectual Property Management Policy;
c. Publish regularly in its own publication all intellectual
property rights owned by the University and its faculty
members and non-teaching personnel;
d. Perform state-of-the-art studies and researches in the field
of intellectual property rights;
e. Maintain a computer-based inventory and depository of all
records, books, drawings, specifications, documents, and
other papers relating to intellectual property rights application, protection and utilization;
f. Coordinate with all the divisions, colleges, departments,
offices, faculty members and non-teaching personnel on all
intellectual property related activities of the University;
g. Provide technical advisory and related services relating to
licensing and promotion of technology;
h. Plan and carry out an efficient and effective system,
mechanism or program for collecting royalties, fees and
revenues resulting from intellectual property protection,
technology transfer and commercialization;
i. Facilitate the negotiation of license agreement for the IP’s
of the University and administer payment derived from
any commercialized IP;
j. Represent the University in IPR and technology
k. Perform quasi-administrative, proceedings and or legal
researches to resolve IPR conflicts or adjudicate contested
or disputed IPRs at the University level and recommend to
the University President for final decision;
l. Promote harmonious relationship with intellectual
property management coordinators in other campuses; and
m. Perform other duties and functions as delegated by the
University President.