Duties and Responsibilities:

a. Assist the Vice President for Research, Extension,
Production and Entrepreneurial Development in the
planning, implementation, management and evaluation of
the various extension programs of the University
including its budget in consonance with the attainment of
the objectives of the University;
b. Coordinate with the colleges of all campuses the
development of extension programs/ projects attuned to
the extension agenda and goals of the University;
c. Spearhead the periodic updating of the Extension Agenda
and Operations Manual;
d. Supervise the implementation of extension programs and
projects of colleges and campuses of the University;
e. Spearhead the development of effective technology
transfer models;
f. Lead in the formulation of research-based policies that
will improve the governance and management systems of
extension services in the University.
g. Coordinate with other government agencies, local
government units (LGU), extension-related networks
etc.), non-government organizations (NGO) and private
industry in the utilization of technologies;
h. Establish active linkages with local, national and
international organizations to generate additional
resources to support the implementation of extension
i. Establish a strong monitoring and evaluation system of
extension programs to ensure that objectives are met and
achieved on time;
j. Supervise the daily activities of the staff of the Extension
Services Office;
k. Spearhead the preparation of the annual work and
financial plan, procurement programs, and annual
accomplishment reports; and
l. Perform other duties and functions as delegated by the
University President.