Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives


 A premier veterinary teaching hospital and diagnostic laboratory with the state of the art facilities embodied to provide the highest quality of veterinary service to its client.


 To provide excellent veterinary care and strive to combine animal care, disease prevention and diagnosis, education and research.


Reverence for animals and their owners for whom we are privileged to care

Prevention of disease through public education, clinical preventive service, and research

Commitment for further progress against disease by sharing the knowledge, skills, and ethical values as foundations of the Institution

Demonstrate mutual respect and acknowledge interdependence as workers responsible for the welfare of patients


To train students in disease diagnosis, treatment, and control;

To provide training for teaching and research in the field of veterinary medicine and allied courses;

To provide complete and quality veterinary services in nearby localities and the region;

To monitor disease surveillance and animal health management programs; and

To provide technical assistance to CBSUA animal projects.