Philosophy, Vision, Mission and Goals


Education for Sustainable Human Development

Vision of the Institution

To become the Center of Excellence in Agri-Industrial Science and Technology for Sustainable Development of the Bicol Region


Mission of the Institution

We are committed to develop competent human resources, generate and disseminate appropriate knowledge and technologies relevant to the agri-industrial development needs of Bicolandia.

Goals of the Institution

  1. To develop management system to effectively and efficiently perform the mandated functions of the university;
  2. To offer quality academic programs to produce competent, productive, innovative and committed professionals and entrepreneurs;
  3. To enhance research culture to generate relevant and responsive knowledge and technologies through quality researches;
  4. To develop appropriate techno-transfer programs, modalities and community development approaches through effective extension and training services; and
  5. To engage in resource generation strategies to support and enhance institutional development.


Guiding Values

  • Quality and Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Team work and Unity
  • Liberalism
  • Institutional Pride

Goal of the College of Economics and Management

To produce graduates who are ethical, responsible, motivated, pro-active, and experts in instruction, production and management, processing and delivery of technologies for the agriculture and industrial sectors.