The College of Economics and Management (CEM) provides the theoretical foundation and application of management to handle agricultural enterprises and agri-ecotourism activities for the purpose of realizing economic returns and contributing to the betterment of the society. Its goal is geared towards the development of able professionals who initiate and actuate development goals not only in the urban but more in rural areas.

College Goals:

  1. Provide theoretical foundation and application in managing agriculture- based endeavours.
  2. Promote innovative agricultural technology and practices.
  3. Act as catalyst for nationwide community based development.
  4. Develop proactive management professionals in the fields of Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness and Agri-Ecotourism who are ethical, responsible, motivated and gender responsive.
  5. Produce holistic graduates with entrepreneurial capabilities infused with the mission to conserve environmental integrity.


Email address: [email protected]

College Dean: GLADYS G.  ROSALES, Ph.D.

Department of Agribusiness: SONNY R. CORPORAL, Department Chairperson

Department of Agri-Ecotourism: ARDOLF B. ARCE, Department Chairperson