Buildings and Facilities

CDE Main Building

The College of Development Education building, main building, has a total of 11 rooms. Five rooms, equipped with LCD Projectors and screens per room, are used for instructional purposes. The Student Resource Center is one of those rooms aside from it being a reservoir of a wide array of educational reference materials.

The following are the offices and their specific locations in the building: the Dean’s Office is found in the Faculty room, first room on the left upon entry; the Office of the Chairpersons is at the left side, found right beside the Ladies’ Comfort room; the Society of Development Educators’ Office is found of the second door at the left side, just beside the Faculty room; the Office of the Pilinut Publication is at the right side of the building upon entry, beside the Gentlemen’s  Comfort room. Bulletin boards are also found in the different corners of the college for easy information dissemination.

Aside from the main building an extension building of CDE is found beside the Administration Building known as the Gabaldon Building. This building has six rooms. On the left most side is the Accreditation Office of the college and on the right most side is the University Supreme Student Council’s (USSC) Office. The four rooms, also equipped with LCD Projectors and screens, are used mainly for instructional purposes. 

Vocational Agriculture Building

The Vocational Agriculture Building (VoAg), where the Laboratory High School (Lab. High) of CDE is, have stood in its location for a number of years. Developed throughout the years with the help of the its Alumni have served as a second home for the junior and senior high students.


The Newly built multi-function hall for all students specifically, CDE students.