Medical and Dental Services


The Infirmary Unit of CBSUA is mandated to perform as stipulated in the student handbook; physical examination, consultation, treatment of minor injuries, dispensing of first aid medicines, immunization, circumcision and dental care. Other services rendered were case management of student with chronic health conditions, health promotion, and health counseling.

The health services assure and promote the health, safety and well-being of students enrolled in CBSUA. It is committed to render the best care to our clientele, guard the population against communicable diseases, provide health update through information dissemination, and help in the maintenance of sanitation and cleanliness.

The Central Bicol State University of Agriculture main campus is situated in Pili, Camarines Sur. Other campuses can also be found at the towns of PasacaoSipocot, and Calabanga, all in the province of Camarines Sur.

The Infirmary unit of each campus is strategically located to easy access to patients. Signs for direction are placed to easily locate the infirmary.

MAIN CAMPUS- The infirmary of the main campus is located near the second gate of the campus. It is situated near the high school building and the Daycare center. It is also near the football grounds and open courts.



 The University Physician shall be responsible for promoting and maintaining the health and well-being of the workers and shall have the following duties and functions: 

  1. Organize, administer and maintain health service programs.
  2. Continually monitor the work environment for health hazards through periodic inspection of the workplace.
  3. Prevent diseases or injuries in the workplace by establishing proper medical supervision and good working environment.
  4. Conserve the health of the workers through physical examinations and health education.
  5. Provide medical and surgical care to restore health and earning capacity of injured workers.
  6. Maintain and analyze records of all medical cases and prepare and submit to the employer annual medical reports as required accordingly
  7. Act as adviser to all health matters.


The duties and responsibilities of the University Dentist are;

  1. Health Services
    1. Conducts dental examination on all students and personnel to determine the basic dental problems and needs.
    2. Undertakes dental management as;
      • fillings, extractions, and medication
      • simple gum treatment, and
      • Oral prophylaxis and fluoridation as preventive dental management
    3. Makes referral if necessary
    4. Keeps dental health records as required and for reference purposes
  2. Healthful Living
    1. Helps supervise the proper use of school health facilities
    2. Maintains standard arrangement of the dental clinic. Making it orderly and clean at all times
  3. Health Instructions
    1. Conducts chair side instructions to meet individual needs
    2. Participates in Health Education such as seminars, workshops and other activities alike
  4. Community Service
    1. Assists the University Physician to coordinate with the university personnel, parents, health agencies, and other professional organizations to promote the objectives of the University Health Programs.


The duties and functions of the Nurse are:

  1. In the absence of a physician, organizes and administers health programs integrating the safety, otherwise, these activities of the nurse shall be in accordance with the physician.
  2. Assists the physician in the conduct of health examination, consultation and treatment.
  3. Assures adequate nursing care of ill and injured clients.
  4. Participates in health maintenance examination. If a physician is not available, perform work activities which are within the scope allowed by nursing profession, and if more extensive examinations are needed, to refer the such cases to the nearest hospital.
  5. Participates in the maintenance of health and safety by giving suggestions in the improvement of working environment affecting the health and well-being of the workers;
  6. Encourages personal health maintenance and physical fitness and proper nutrition practices
  7. Helps in the control of communicable diseases and guards the school population against communicable diseases by immediate exclusion from school those affected and providing health updates.
  8. Conducts health education and counseling during actual treatment.
  9. Maintains a reporting records system and if a physician is not available, prepare and submit an annual medical report as required accordingly.

NURSE AIDE/First Aider

The duties of the First-Aider are to:6

  1. Gives immediate temporary treatment in case of injury or illness, before the services of a physician becomes available. If the case needs a physician, the first-aider shall immediately call or refer the injured to one;
  2. Participates in the maintenance of safety health programs
  3. Maintains medical services and facilities.


 Basic function of a Dental Aide:

  1. Assists the dentist in all dental activities.
  2. Maintains cleanliness and orderliness of the dental clinic.
  3. Sterilizes and prepares dental paraphernalia before and after dental activities
  4. Records and files clients’ data.
  5. Dispenses medicines available at the university infirmary with the dentist’s prescription
  6. Takes charge of the availability of clean water in the dental clinic
  7. Actively participates in the medical-dental outreach program of the university in the various campuses.
  8. Performs related tasks as may be assigned by the immediate supervisor.


 The main control of operation of the University Infirmary is under the administration of the Office of the University President. Infirmary Policies are regulated under the cluster of the Vice President of Administration and Finance with direct supervision of the Director of the Auxiliary Division. The internal operation is under the care of the Unit head, the University Physician.



The health Unit is committed to provide with quality health care in a relaxed, respectful, and friendly atmosphere.  We believe that we are partners in health care and that a favorable outcome can best be achieved by the full participation of clients in all aspects of health care.

The CBSUA health services cover all students, employees and employees’ immediate family only. Other patients who are not covered with free dental services are also accommodated but with a fee. The amount of fee is dependent to the medical/dental service rendered. All patients should follow prescribe protocol in the availing of the services.

General policy

  1. The CBSUA infirmary is mandated to provide health services to students and employees (and their immediate dependents) of the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture.
  2. The Medical services (treatment, health counseling, BP monitoring etc.) and Dental Services (tooth extraction, simple gum treatment, filling) shall be rendered for free to all identified qualified patients.
  3. The Physician and Dentist of the Infirmary Unit-Main campus visit the other similar unit to render medical and dental services to their students, faculty and staff. The schedule of the visits is as follows:
    • 1st Friday of the Month – Sipocot
    • 2nd Friday of the Month – Calabanga
    • 3rd Friday of the Month – Pasacao
  4. University Clinic Hours

Monday – Friday      8:00am – 5:00pm

No noon break policy is being followed.

  1. Outside patients may be accommodated with a fee.

Infectious Control Policy


Medical and dental instruments and materials undergo process of disinfection and sterilization to ensure quality medical and dental services.

Medical and dental instruments should undergo 3 stages of preparation before use; namely:

  1. Washing- physical removal of dirt, blood and other biological wastes with the use of soap and water
  2. Soaking – the instruments will be soaked in a disinfecting solution for a prescribed time, %concentration of the soaking solution/ # of instruments
    • The instruments are wrapped and labelled with the name of instruments, time of sterilization and expiration
  3. Autoclave- final stage of sterilization.
    • Instruments are air- dried and placed in a storage container to avoid contamination.
  4. Packaging and Storage-
  • Every packet of instruments is labelled as to;
    • Instrument’s code
    • Date of sterilization
    • Expiration date


All medical and dental supplies and materials to be used in handling patients are disposable and for single use only, such as; needles, carpules, paper cups, paper towels, sutures, examination gloves and etc.

Health service providers wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and clean water, followed by a splash of 70% isoprophyl alcohol for disinfection before wearing (disposable) examination gloves


Waste materials are segregated to biodegradable, non- biodegradable and contagious wastes. To prevent cross- contamination and cross- infection, medical and dental wastes are properly disposed of.

  • Sharp materials like needles, syringes and sutures as well as carpules are placed in a receptacle or bottle.
  • Contagious wastes like cotton, gauze, disposable line and other material contacted with blood are separated from other everyday waste for separate and proper disposal.


  1. All students and employees are entitled with the following services;
    • Consultation
    • Treatment
    • Health counseling,
    • BP monitoring
    • Simple surgical procedures
    • First aid
    • Prescription and supply of medicines
    • Other services- pre-natal check up and birthing assistance


  1. All patients who will avail dental treatment ages 18 years and below are required to submit the accomplished Parent Consent Form.
  2. All patients who wish to avail dental services are requested to set appointment for schedule of dental treatment and management.
  3. All students and employees are entitled with the following services;
    • Tooth extraction
    • Oral prophylaxis once a year
    • Simple restorations ( at least 2 cases/semester)
    • Emergency dental cases
    • Prescription and control of dispensing analgesic and antibiotics
  4. All patients who will request for dental certificates must have existing patient records with scheduled consultations and dental treatments done.


  1. You have the right to be treated as an individual with respect, concern, and dignity.
  2. You have the right to uphold your cultural, psychosocial, spiritual, and ethical beliefs as these pertain to your state of health, your perception of your illness or injury, and to the health care provided, including medications prescribed by the health provider.
  3. You have the right to understand why medication is being prescribed for you.
  4. You have the right to make a decision concerning your condition after you have been given the initial treatment and recommendation/s.
  5. You have the right to refuse treatment, and to be informed of the risks involved in doing so.
  6. You have the right to confidentiality, privacy, and security of your medical record or health information.
  7. You have the right to express your suggestion/s, comment/s in the customer’s evaluation form at all time.


  1. Provide accurate and complete information about present complaints, past medical history, any medications you are or were taking, and other health matters as requested by the health provider, to the best of your knowledge.
  2. Be compliant with the care plan and treatment recommended by the health provider.
  3. Be responsible for your actions if you refuse treatment or non-compliant with your care plan.
  4. Make and keep your appointment/s.
  5. Be ultimately responsible for your own health by taking necessary preventive steps, complying with medical treatment, and participating fully in your treatment




  1. Procedures to avail Medical services
  1. The patient should sign-in in the Medical Visitor’s Logbook. Make a query and the Nurse will make a brief interview, history taking, check vital signs and then refer patient to the University Physician for Consultation.
  2. The Physician will make diagnosis, treatment and recommendation. Instructions will be given to the Nurse as to:
    1. what medicine to dispense
    2. Surgical procedure
    3. First aid procedures
    4. Home care instructions
  3. The patent will be asked to sign logbooks, signify recording of procedures, and sign out in the Visitor logbook and the patient will be dismissed.
    1. All patients who will request for medical certificates must have existing patient record with scheduled consultation and treatment done.

Medical certificate for absences

  1. The patient must have reported to the clinic to establish health record.
  2. The patient must submit letter from parent/guardian or a medical certificate from their physician attesting that the patient has been sick for a period of time.
    • For complex medical cases requiring special management, patient will be given a referral to the specialists.
  3. For emergency cases- will be immediately referred and transported to the nearest hospital.


 The Dental Assistant receives the query of the patient,

  • Asks for an ID or any documents to verify if the patient is qualified to receive dental services.
  • Asks patient to sign-in in the logbook, asks questions relative to the patient’s complaint and then refer to the dentist.
  1. The Dentist will do mouth examination and make recommendation/ prescription.
  2. The student may set dental appointment for schedule to necessary dental treatment.
  • The patient is requested to come to the infirmary 5-10 minutes earlier for accomplishing necessary documents before the treatment.
  1. The Dentist will give chair side instruction-
    • Discusses post-operative and home care instruction and other details about the dental treatment done.
    • Prescribes or dispenses medicine available/needed
  2. The dental assistant will ask the patient to sign out of the logbook
  3. Dismisses patient

For emergency dental cases- the patient do not need to set appointment, they will be immediately attended to. The dentist will do mouth examination and immediate assessment to the case. The patient will receive immediate dental treatment, medication and other necessary dental management.

Informed Consent signed by parents/guardian for patient age 18 years and below.


The Health Programs shall include the following activities:

  1. Medical and Dental Examination of all new entrants and transferee students, it includes chest x-ray examination and Hepatitis B screening.
  2. Annual Medical examination of all workers. It includes the following laboratory examination:
  3. Chest x-ray
  4. Complete blood count (CBC)
  5. Urinalysis
  6. Stool examination
  7. ECG (for workers 40 years old and above)
  8. Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS)
  9. Medical and Dental Health Education and Counseling in which the health personnel shall impart appropriate health information to clients and the use of available health services and facilities.
  10. Conduct PAP smear program during Women’ month every March.
  11. “Operation Tule” every summer vacation.
  12. Participate /organize community extension services through medical and dental mission, bloodletting and other related health programs. *
  13. Assist / facilitate the Medical and Dental check-up of all On the Job Trainee.
  14. Participate in Research study.


Heads of Office


University Physician

Contact details

(054) 871 5531 to 33 local 147


University Dentist

Contact details

(054) 871 5531 to 33 local 180