Administration & Finance (Duties and Responsibilities)

Develop, formulate and implement programs, projects and
activities that are of administrative and ancillary in
nature including fiscal matter;
b. Manage and/or supervise preparation, allocation and
disbursements of budget resource in accordance with
existing laws, rules and regulations;
c. Approve for and in behalf of the University President,
requisitions and disbursements including contract of
service/purchase orders in the amount not exceeding Fifty
Thousand Pesos (P50,000.00);
d. Approve/countersign checks for payments of personnel
services, refund and remittances of insurance and
different retirement premiums withholding tax, salary,
policy and real estate loans regardless of amount and
other expenditures that may be authorized for specific
purpose in the amount of not more than Fifty Thousand
Pesos (P50,000.00) per transaction;
e. Issue policy memorandum on administrative matters as
decided upon by the University Administrative Council
level and/or those inherent in his/her general functions;
f. Supervise the affairs of the Offices of the University
General Administrative Services, University Financial
Management Services, University Physical Plant and
Development Services and University Auxiliary Services,
such that their inherent goals are satisfactorily attained;
g. Act as Chairperson of Promotion and Selection Board for
non-teaching positions within the umbrella of the cluster;
h. Recommend appointments of non-teaching personnel
within the cluster to the University President regardless
of employment status;
i. Establish a continuing program for career and personnel
development for non-teaching positions;
j. Act on monthly certificate of service of all non- teaching
personnel and daily time records of the Directors of the
different divisions in the cluster;
k. Approve leaves of absence of non- teaching personnel
within the cluster covering the period from 16 to 30 days

l. Approve for the University President, clearance papers of
all faculty members and non-teaching personnel;
m. Exercise general supervision of capital outlay and other
building construction activities;
n. Submit accomplishment reports to the Office of the
University President and University Administrative
Council indicating the issues and problems in the
implementation of the cluster’s programs;
o. Perform other duties and functions as delegated by the
University President.