S. S. Tabrez Nasar


Abstract — There are several issues, concerns, situations, and dilemma that are often omitted because the focus and emphasis of program implementation, sometimes for very valid reasons, is on the technological aspects. As a result of this, many initiatives, especially those that are aimed at benefiting smallholders, are not able to meet the expectations of the results – outputs, outcomes and impacts – mostly as the emphasis on social as well as economic dimensions are lacking. Any technology cannot be owned and accepted by farmers if they are not designed with the social dimensions in mind. This paper that deals with issues as well as the possible approaches and solutions, carries the experiences of the author working as a development professional in some South-east Asian and South Asian countries including in the Philippines, Lao PDR, Viet Nam, Bangladesh and India. Some of these perspectives also reflect point of views and experiences of other professionals in the field

Keywords - Aquaculture, livelihoods, small-scale, social dimensions, women


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