A JOURNEY IN SEARCH OF Tetragonula biroi (Friese 1898) PROPOLIS

Abu Hassan Jalil


Abstract — This paper looks into the mapping of Tetragonula biroi in the different islands of the Phlippines exploring into the propolis sources, the derivatives from different sources and exudates, harvesting and processing of propolis, and other research gaps involving the T. biroi species across regions. The dominant vegetation and host trees were scrutinized for the possible exudates utilized and processed by the bees. These are tabulated and charted with images from the Meliponaries, Bee Farms and Eco-Parks visited in many different islands of the Philippines regions. The resultant propolis and cerumen textures and consistency were compared for value-added product derivative considerations. The considerations include possibilities for use in aromatherapy, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. Some recommendations on the chemical processes and procedures for product derivatives are provided herein. Harvesting and post-harvest modus operandi are suggested with references from F.A.O. literature and past experiences.

Keywords - Cerumen textures, host trees, meliponiculture, propolis, vegetation exudates


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