On June 7, 2024, an online webinar on promoting career equality, managing stress and anxiety, and providing job hunting and placement orientation was held with participation from third-year students, alumni, and fourth-year students of four CBSUA campuses: Calabanga, Pasacao, Pili, and Sipocot.

Dr. Emerson L. Bergonio, Vice President for Academic Affairs, highlighted the importance of career preparedness and making informed choices for the future. Dr. Ernesto D. Doloroso, Jr., from Calabanga campus, valued the initiative’s role in helping students transition into the workforce with good values and attitudes.

Dr. Kristine Mae C. Regaspi discussed coping with job search anxiety and encouraging students to have faith in their capabilities. Dr. Glenn E. Redecilla presented gender equality in careers, emphasizing equal opportunities for men and women and addressing challenges like securing funding for women.

Prof. Maria Rosario Agna-Garol covered stress and anxiety management in career searches, offering strategies such as goal setting, organization, routine, breaks, support, self-care, positivity, continuous learning, celebrating small wins, and staying informed. She also discussed selecting the right workplace, advising on identifying interests, analyzing skills, exploring options, considering job market trends, and evaluating company culture, workplace interactions, and growth opportunities.

Prof. Rizalino S. Nidea provided insights on job hunting and placement, stressing the importance of research, self-assessment, application preparation, professional appearance, and understanding employer criteria.

The webinar concluded with alumni sharing their success stories. Dr. Honeylet Joven Nicolas, Dr. Francia Cielo Formalejo, Ms. Marifel Comia Manimtim, Dr. Christian R. Repuya, and Mr. Von Rene A. Abendanio shared their journeys, highlighting perseverance, continuous improvement, resilience, and giving back to the community.

Prof. Josephine A. Red closed the program, emphasizing that career planning helps navigate career changes and achieve personal growth. The event acknowledged the support of the CBSUA Administration, campus administrators, and sponsors. (Report and photos from the University Alumni Office)

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