Rocelyn M. Imperial


Abstract — Tapol variety of adlay with addition of local vegetables was formulated into an instant nutrimeal. Product was evaluated as to its physico-chemical properties,
rehydration properties, microbial load, sensory characteristics, and proximate analyses for the most acceptable formulation. Instant adlay nutrimeal was formulated with
dehydrated adlay-moringa powder (12%), squash powder (15%), coco sugar (35%), red mungbean powder (10%) and non-dairy creamer (28%). Physico-chemical properties as pH, total soluble solids, moisture content and water activity (aw) were determined while for rehydration properties were noted as solubility, dispersibility and sinkability at different temperatures. Flowability was also noted. Microbial count was determined through total plate and yeast and molds while sensory characteristics were evaluated by three panelist groups using descriptive and ranking tests. Proximate analyses and nutritional composition were determined using standard methods and sent to accredited laboratory.

Adlay nutrimeal characteristics showed that it has 15°Bx total soluble solids, pH of 6.5, moisture content of 5.25 to 7.21% and 0.481aw. The product has good solubility, sinkability and dispersibilty at 70 to 90 C and has good flowability. Total microbial count of <10 log CFU/g while yeast and mold count was 2.78log CFU/g. Sensory properties showed that the product is light brown in color, with desirable aroma, moderately viscous to viscous consistency, and perceptible adlay-vegetable flavour. Acceptability was described as like very much by the high school students, partially-trained panelist while liked moderately by the elementary pupils. Proximate analyses showed 7.21% moisture content, 2.21% ash, 11.88% total fat, 6.33 % crude protein, 1.93% crude fiber and 72.37% carbohydrates by difference method. The product (55g) contains 230 calories, 40g carbohydrates, 7g fats, 3g protein and 5g other nutrients.

Keywords - Adlay, instant, nutrimeal, veggie


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