An electronic template will be provided to the authors.

       Submission of Manuscripts. The research and innovative findings must be original and should not have been published in any form or have not currently submitted elsewhere for publication except as an abstract of an oral or poster presentation. Contributions must be in English and articles may be submitted as Major Paper, Research Note, or Review articles which can stimulate further research. Authors/contributors are also encouraged to cite articles published in the journals to increase citation index of the journal. For a rapid and accurate publication, contributors must conform to the instructions provided below and following the template. Articles submitted which are not in accordance with the specifications and requires extensive editing will be returned to the authors.  Three (3) hard copies and soft copy of the articles must be submitted to the ACRIJ Editor-in-Chief.  Email: acri.journal@cbsua.

     Style Guide. Articles must not exceed 10 pages including tables, figures and appendices. It is suggested to the authors to present their articles in the template presented herewith. The journal article must be prepared using an A4 paper (210 mm wide x 297 mm long or 8.27” wide x 11.69”long ) with margins for top at 19 mm(0.75”), bottom at 28mm (1.1”) and left=right at 14.32 mm(0.56”). Your paper must be in two column format with a space of 8.5mm (0.34″) between columns. Type the manuscript using Microsoft Word, with 12-point Arial font in 1.5 space. All paragraphs must be indented and justified, both for the left and right. Each page must be numbered consecutively, beginning with the title page. Page number should be typed on the middle lower part of each page. Contents of the manuscript should be arranged in the following order with instructions provided in the electronic template available at the journal webpage.

Author (s)
Materials and Methods
Results and Discussion

Detailed instructions on the presentation of Tables and Figures, Abbreviations and Acronyms, Numbers, Fractions and Equations, Symbols and Units are available in the template.